Mechanical Seals

Highly trained technicians are involved in the selection and installationof Teflon Bellow TB, Single Coil CPO and Double DROTT Seals. We request pump users to buy original seals from Ansha Equipments Pvt Ltd.

Priming Chambers or Tanks

A priming chamber / tank is used as a PRIMING DEVICE atthe time of start up. Ansha designs and supplies priming tanks in HDPE/PP and complete fiber glass.

Epoxy Resin

To ward off corrosion special anti corrosive paints and coatings are available. The most common is a layer of fiberglass or anticorrosion Epoxy Resin coating on all the exposed metal parts.

PP or HDPE pipe fittings and Valves

Ansha provides fully molded anticorrosive, nonmetallic range in Pipe, Bend, Tee, Elbow, Barrel Nipple, Valve, NRVs, Glass Valve, Suction Strainers etc.

Dryrun protection switch

Switch protects your pumps from dryrun damage by monitoring the current consumption. Any fluctuations in set current will automatically switch off the motor and protect the pump from substantial damage.

Suction Strainers

Ansha Equipments provides suction strainers in Polypropylene with perforated basket for keeping foreign particles out of the pump suction.