There are lots of applications in chemical industries, where notorious, hazardous and corrosive chemical are to be handled, and the gland / Seal leakage is undesirable. Polypropylene centrifugal vertical pumps combine maximum efficiency with a robust and reliable construction resulting in ultimate process security. A Vertical pump is a Self Priming, as the pump casing is submerged in the liquid. It finds wide uses for effluent, acids, pickling solutions, transfer of solvents from underground storage tanks, etc.

Ansha Polyquip offers single stage Vertical centrifugal pumps in Polypropylene for transfer and circulation of various corrosive liquids. The seal less design is maintenance free with capability of transferring solid partials upto 10mm.

Specifications and features –

Self Priming application, virtually suitable for all chemicals, acids.
No Submersible bearings
Inside fasteners in same material as that of pump
Sturdy and maintenance free
No damage done due to reverse rotation.
Strainer at Suction
Vapour seal arrangements
Capacity upto 30 m3/hr
Head upto 25 m (80 ft)
Maximum Temperature : 65 °C SS316 Shaft
Seal less pump
SKF ZZ Bearings
Impeller Type : Semi-open